Thinking Like a Golfer: 7 Business Lessons from the Golf Course

Have you ever noticed how the strategies we use in golf can mirror the tactics we employ in business? Many talk about all the business conducted on the golf course, but few consider the similarities between the two worlds. In this article, I’ll share my insights into how thinking like a golfer can benefit your business. Let’s tee off into the world of business and golf analogies!

Aim and setup for your swing issues – In both golf and business, it’s essential to anticipate and plan for challenges. Just as golfers adjust their stance for a slice, businesses should adapt to overcome hurdles. If we plan up front, then we will be more prepared for any issues.

Plan for the obstacles but then commit to your shot – In golf, wind, temperature, and rain all play a factor. In business, we have supply chain, shipping and packaging, and employee issues that can play into things. We can still be successful amidst all those things if we don’t ignore the obstacles. But like in golf, we must adjust as they come into play and then commit to our shot.

Don’t allow a bad shot to get you down – It’s easy to spiral down a rabbit hole of despair when you have a poor shot. Golfers are often perfectionists and want each shot to be perfect. The reality is, you can score well and be far from perfect. Find ways to use positive self-talk and have what Ted Lasso calls, the mindset of a goldfish. Ted says a goldfish is the happiest animal on the planet because they have a ten second memory.

Ted Lasso Believe

Learn to punch out and avoid trouble – We all think we can play like a pro, but in most cases we should just punch out. Admit you made a mistake and move on versus trying to hit through the trees and expect it to be a great shot.

Keep working on your game and get a coach – The best golfers put in tons of work at the range and practice greens. They play often and spend their off season working on their game. They practice the fundamentals and take care of their bodies. As well, the best of the best all have a coach. To excel in golf or business, continuous improvement and expert guidance are essential.

Drive for show and putt for dough – So many golfers talk about how far they can hit the ball, but they spend more shots putting than they do hitting their driver. The little things are what matter and if you can hone in on them, that can really make the difference between you and the competition.

Make sure you are having fun – Remember, both business and golf should be enjoyable. It can be a grind if you’re not finding joy in your work. Don’t take it so seriously that you lose focus on what your purpose is and why you are playing.

As you navigate the fairways of business, consider these golf-inspired strategies. Aim for success, adapt to challenges, and keep enjoying the game.

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